The Golden Apple Impact Award is given to the person or organization who most effectively, most positively and most significantly impacts Illinois’ students. This award is given to a private individual, company, policy maker, or decision maker who has impacted the lives of so many in Illinois by his/her engagement and positively and significantly affected education in Illinois.

On Monday, October 28, 2019, Golden Apple will honor Barbara Bowman, Co-Founder of Erikson Institute and Irving B. Harris Professor of Child Development.

Event Details:

Ritz-Carlton Hotel

160 East Pearson

Chicago, IL 60611

6:00 PM - Cocktails

7:00 PM - Dinner

Photo Courtesy Erikson Institute

Photo Courtesy Erikson Institute

Impact Award Eligibility Criteria

  • Demonstrates fearless leadership in the face of adversity

  • Wholly dedicated to better outcomes for all students in Illinois

  • Delivers an aspirational vision for the future and the strategies to achieve the vision

  • Modernizes engagement with students via technology and access to relevant global peers

  • Facilitates gatherings of leaders in education, business, philanthropy, and technology to improve the education experiences of students

  • Inspires entrepreneurial groups of individuals, organizations, or coalitions to improve outcomes for students

  • Invests resources to affect change in innovative ideas, technology, and/or organizations

  • Demonstrates data-driven, research-based decision-making while increasing innovation

  • Engages multiple stakeholders in the delivery of services to students most-in-need

  • Consistently uses sound, unwavering, ethical judgment


Previous Impact Award Recipients